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At Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd we believe in embracing the Startup Ecosystem in Innovating solutions for urgent social issues. We want to address and create these solutions together with driven entrepreneurs. We offer structured investment directly to the end user of every startup towards addressing social issues, financial inclusion, microcredit, climate concerns, etc.
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GREYhorse venture fund 

Greyhorse Venture Fund, LLP,  a venture division of Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd is an investment fund that champions the boldest and most ambitious founders who are creating a better future. We focus broadly on the technology areas of AI, blockchain, fintech, insurtech, healthtech, and edutech, but invest opportunistically in founders pursuing the unimagined and impossible. Innovation is oxygen for Greyhorse., and the company depends on its versatility, global partnerships to breathe originality and curiosity into everything they do. Our entire team of top-tier institutional investors are committed to supporting every partnership company. The fund invests in any financial inclusion projects.

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If your startup is a fintech, insurtech, edutech and or addressing the financial landscape, we want to hear from you.  We can allocate capital to scale-up exponentially through syndicate funds. Our investment is in terms of partnerships and alliances. To us, it doesn't matter the size of your startup, but what matters is the magnitude of your vision! 


Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd is hosting virtual hackathons in various markets below. We will be building over  200 teams to represent our projects in various markets. We are looking for exceptional talent and will reward them with ownership interest, stock options, salary, lifetime pension, relocation package, housing allowance,  etc.  Every team will have a Venture Partner who is an experienced individual having worked in various industries as well as capital available to grow an immediate customer base. Our typical investment will range between $1M-$2.5M per engagement.

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