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Our Local & International Partnerships include: Central Banks, Retail & Commercial Banks, Investment Banks, Microfinance Institutions, Insurance Co, Re-Insurers, Pension Funds, Investment Managers, Hedge Funds, Corporations, Stock Exchanges, Stock Traders, Trustees, Settlement & Clearing Co, Captive Groups, Fintech, Etc.  





Greyhorse protocol integration
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Financial Institutions are facing a Revolution in every aspect of their business from Structuring New Products to Retail clients who are circumventing financial institutions by using decentralized platforms. We are here to Integrate & provide solutions & capital for you to not only remain relevant but to thrive!
Structured a Bilateral Asset Swap Agreement for two exotic currencies, to generate returns in International Markets. The Banks can now generate Profits in various countries without having a physical presence. Banks can further lend their local currency denominated securities for foreign currency. 
Through our Inflation Adjusted Swap Funds, we have issued Real Time Gross Settlement Conversions of the Currency into Assets to not only Preserve the Value of Pensioners, but to generate a dollar based above market return, which can be liquidated.
Decentralized Insurance Products through Offshore Captive issued Digital Country Pass along with Insurance Credits to all members.  We are committed to investing in your Infrastructure, People & Products. 
our senior advisors & consultants have raised over $22B throughout their professional engagements