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WEAVE protocol

Weave Infrastructure is a Blockchain based Decentralized Finance Protocol with Ghost Protocol Integratation capability that of traditional financial institutions to embed in our Proprietary Models that create liquidity in fiat and alternative mediums. The three active Protocols that Greyhorse offers are: Apollo, Hyperion & Hermes. 
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A | P | O | L | L |

Apollo is an Integrated Decentralized Finance Protocol addressing concerns faced mainly by Central & Reserve Banks. Apollo gives access to Liquidity Pool of Reserve Assets allowing Exotic Currency Swaps for Tier 1 Currency &/or Alternative Assets.  The Protocol allows Hedging for Adjusted Currency Devaluation &/or Inflation based Return in Dollarization.  The Protocol enhances Capital Efficiency Deployment of Excess Domestic Reserves. Protocol also Applicable to SWF & National Social Security Funds.

H | Y | P | E | R | I | O | N

Hyperion is a off-chain Decentralized Protocol addressing concerns faced by Insurance Companies, Fund Managers, Pension Administrators & Funds to offset Unfunded Obligation through Decentralized Credit & Cash Pools. This enables the Institutions to Transfer the Risk over to the Pool with little to no Obligation to Service the Premiums. The Retirement Fund matures within a short period for Distribution. Pension Defi Liquidity Pools generally hold a basket of Currencies & Assets.

H | E | R | M | E | S

Hermes is a discretionary semi-integrated Decentralized Protocol mainly subscribed by Banking & Insurance Institutions to provide blockchain based Cross-Border Arbitrary Settlements in Multi-Currencies.  The Protocol also provides Supplementary Services such as Immediate Liquidity Providers to Local & International Securities, Currencies, Swaps through Defi Liquidity Pool. Institutions can further access Forex based Revolving Facility in US$ for Domestic Currency Denominated Assets.
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